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"SEI really opened my mind to what it takes to establish a successful, sustainable and growing firm ... I'm less competitive individually and much more concerned about all the things that are necessary for the firm’s success."

Ron Fuerst
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services
SEI Class 14

Building an Industry of Excellence, One Leader at a Time

The ACEC Senior Executives Institute (SEI) course is devoted to one mission: to turn effective A/E managers into successful executives – and successful executives into forward-thinking industry leaders.

Developing the individual to uncover the leader within

SEI's program works on multiple levels to help executives identify and explore their unique brand of leadership styles with the goal of developing stronger, more effective corporate leaders.

Participants work to build core knowledge, skills, and overall business acumen — and that is just the beginning. SEI’s program is designed to encourage creative thinking and visioning beyond the day-to-day or even year-to-year approach of business management to a greater awareness of the ebbs and flows of the industry environment.

By strengthening their leadership effectiveness, executives can better clarify what matters for themselves and their businesses, thus creating an environment where compelling visions, goals and strategies emerge and take root.

The Approach

SEI is highly interactive, energetic, exploratory, and above all — challenging.

In five sessions over 18 months, our faculty incorporates lectures from prominent policy makers ... meetings with public and private sector clients ... group discussions and case study work ... self-evaluation and individual work ... presentations and discussions with industry leaders … and extensive reading on cutting-edge leadership and management topics from the best contemporary thinkers.

Perhaps even more importantly, SEI executives build new peer networks from which to share new ideas and draw support. The benefit of these personal relationships, forged through hard work and intense self-examination, often last years beyond the last day of class.