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Our Approach to Learning

The SEI program has dramatically changed our firm's performance by unleashing our personal leadership skills and talent. The complement of our SEI graduates together has revolutionized our firm and inspired our leaders. We truly see things differently today.

There are many executive management courses available, particularly at colleges and universities. However, SEI is genuinely unique and powerful.

Tim O'Connor
Robson Woese Inc., East Syracuse, NY
SEI Class II

The SEI faculty uses methodologies that require active participation in the program. SEI is highly interactive, energetic, exploratory, challenging, and intense. Emerging leaders learn about themselves, how they interrelate with and lead people and the importance of interacting and learning from their community and the world.

SEI graduates are more self-reliant and confident, having gained a deeper understanding of themselves, the business of engineering and architecture, and the society in which they and their clients operate.

Perhaps more importantly, as a student in SEI you will make progress in clarifying what matters, for yourself and your business, so that compelling visions, goals, and strategies will emerge.

During the SEI program, students will participate in:

"In order to effectively manage a firm in the next century, engineering firms must be prepared to provide good management rather than just than providing service products. SEI identifies and provides tools for the well rounded, total engineering firm of the near future."

Paul J. Hirst
CRS Consulting Engineers, Salt Lake City, UT
SEI Class I

Teaching tools used in the program include:

Each SEI class is limited to 28 students, allowing the faculty to give personal attention, feedback, and coaching to every participant about their skills in management, communications, and leadership.

SEI graduates say that a major benefit of the SEI experience is the relationships they build with each other during the program. Students learn that they are not alone in the challenges they face both personally and professionally. Every SEI class has resulted in an ongoing alumni group that meets to continue the lifelong learning process and provide support.