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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal or purpose of SEI?

Senior Executives Institute (SEI) is designed to turn A/E executives into industry leaders by increasing their personal knowledge, skills, business acumen, and awareness of their industry within the business environment in which they practice. Through this innovative leadership-training curriculum, participants will learn how to better clarify what matters for themselves and their businesses so that compelling visions, goals, and strategies emerge.

How long is the program?

The SEI program is approximately 18 months long. Each new class begins kicks off every September in Washington, DC. The curriculum is divided into five four- or five day sessions, spaced several months apart. Each session includes preparatory reading, self-study, and in-depth discussions.

Why are the sessions spaced several months apart?

Sessions are purposely spaced several months apart to allow each session’s learning to be absorbed and applied by class members in the time between sessions. Compared to the typical, uninterrupted six-week program, SEI session spacing helps prevent disrupting participants’ businesses, work and personal lives.

The sessions are:

What does the curriculum entail?

SEI faculty use methodologies that include:

Does the curriculum change? Reading lists?

Much of the core curriculum remains consistent, although the content does evolve with each session and each class to reflect the changing industry, business, and political environment. Reading lists are also updated to include new ideas and content – which again reflects the changing world we live in.

How are faculty selected?

SEI faculty is drawn from a variety of credentials and experienced sources. Program instructors include engineers and architects from consulting organizations that work with A/E firms and professionals from major universities such as the University of Colorado. Faculty also includes experts from The Brookings Institution, a private non-profit organization devoted to nonpartisan research, education and publication in economics, government, foreign policy and the social sciences.

What happens to the "class" after completing the program?

SEI graduates tell us that a major benefit of the SEI experience is the relationships they build with each other during the program. Participants realize they are not alone in the challenges they face personally and professionally. As such, every SEI class forms their own alumni group to discuss ideas, share best practices, and seek support via social media and face-to-face meetings.